A tattoo artist originating from the rurals of Connecticut, Chase Hanna has cultivated relations throughout New England over the years as well as a few distant regions of the country.
His personal work is primarily an emotion based abstraction of the photonic realm.
Inspired by the most ancient of cultures while simultaneously being motivated through modern technological pursuits; Chase works within a melting pot of mediums that is ever growing from living flesh, decorative glass paintings and furniture fabrication to functional utility prototypes.  
For the sake of sustainability, Chase has continued to repurpose glass and other usable material that would otherwise be deemed garbage at the mercy of various corporations and construction companies.
Through this randomized pallet he orchestrates symmetry
and organization through patience and an open mind.



The majority of his creative process revolves around the design of the microverse and
how it translates into human perspective and the latter.
Art is essential to our evolution if we wish to be effective in the realms of innovation and change.
Without stretching our imagination beyond its limits there is no hope for improvement.

Visualization. Intention. Conception.